Hemostatic Agents

Discover Reoxcel absorbable hemostats with different forms and types and effective against 40 types of microorganisms…

Hemostatic Agents

Discover Reoxcel absorbable aemostats with different forms and types and effective against 40 types of microorganisms…

Hemostatic Agents

Discover Reoxcel absorbable hemostats with different forms and types and effective against 40 types of microorganisms…

Hemostat Raw Material and Types

There are 3 types of sterile hemostats which are alpha cotton, fibred or powder produced from alpha-grade cotton, Oxidized Regenerated Cellulose (ORC) and Oxidized Cellulose (OC) raw materials.

Reoxcel Hemostat

Reoxcel Powder toz hemostat, kanama durdurucu hemostatik ajan özellikleri ve kullanım alanları.

Wide Usage Area

Reoxcel absorbable hemostatic agents are developed to stop capillary bleeding, parenchymatous bleeding and recession bleeding in surgical operations. Reoxcel hemostats can be preferred to stop the bleeding when other hemostatic procedures are inapplicable. The usage area is wide and can be used in most of the important surgical operations.


General Surgery

Using hemostats in general surgery which repairs or removes the sick organ when medication or other medical methods cannot treat a disease plays an important role to control the hemostasis and decrease the operation duration.

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Brain and Nerve Surgery

Hemostats play an important role in neurosurgery practice just like all other surgical procedures. The operability during a well-applied hemostasis surgical operation enables visibility for the surgical area and ease-of-application, decreases blood loss and helps preventing bleeding-related post-op complications.

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Cardiovascular Surgery

Hemostasis is important to prevent excessive blood loss and ensure the continuity of the circulation system after vascular injury or during operation. Hemostasis will begin few seconds after the capillary damage and hemostatic agents must be used if the hemostatic system is insufficient.

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Orthopaedic Surgery

Orthopaedic surgery operations for the motion system prefer Reoxcel hemostats to stop the bleeding in critical operations such as to provide muscle and tendon adhesion surface, hip and shoulder capsule reconstruction, prevent thorax and abdominal wall herniation and acetabular joint reconstruction.

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Gynaecology & Birth

Sutures, haemoclips and electrocautery are among the main hemostasis mechanisms in gynaecology surgery. However, when these are insufficient or inapplicable, hemostatic agents can be used to help hemostasis. These agents contain physical agents such as cellulose, collagen or gelatine as well as biologic agents such as thrombin and fibrin.

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Hemostatic Agent Properties

Reoxcel hemostat hemostatic agents are sterile hemostatic prepares produced from Oxidized Regenerated Cellulose (ORC). These hemostats with sterile and antibacterial effect has 3 different types such as plain texture structure, fibrous structure or powder form.

Oxidized Regenerated Cellulose

Oxidized Regenerated Cellulose (ORC) based hemostat developed ...

Fibrous Structure

Reoxcel Fibril absorbable developed for multi-dimensionality, adherence ...

Plain Texture Structure

Absorbable hemostats produced from Oxidized Regenerated Cellulose ...

Bactericidal Effect

It is observed that Reoxcel hemostats provide ...

Fast and Effective Haemostasis

Absorbable hemostats create a brownish-black gelatine-line mass ...


Reoxcel absorbable hemostat hemostatic agents can be ...

REOXCEL Absorbable Hemostats

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