Absorbable hemostats create a brownish-black gelatine-line mass by ensuring coagulation in 3-4 minutes after contacting with blood.

Reoxcel hemostats are developed to offer fast and bactericidal effect with its strong texture against all injuries. Reoxcel hemostats have strong weaving and you won’t experience any breakage or diffusion during surgical intervention. The hemostat fast and effectively create coagulation (in 3-4 minutes) without tissue reaction at implantation area, provides hemostasis and completely absorbed by the body in 1-2 weeks.

Reoxcel Hemostats Usage Areas

Plant-based (oxidized regenerated cellulose) Reoxcel absorbable hemostatic agents that offer perfect protection with minimum time and labour in light or heavy bleeding areas are produced in different sizes and shapes depending on the intensity of the bleeding and type of the tissue. Reoxcel hemostats come in different types such as plain texture (Reoxcel), thick plain texture (Reoxcel Sigma Knit), 7-layer separable fibrous (Reoxcel Fibril), single-layer fibrous (Reoxcel Snow) and powder form (Reoxcel Powder) and designed to stop bleeding in paronymous organ bleeding, capillary bleeding and recession areas in surgical operations. Reoxcel hemostats that can be easily used in hard-to-reach areas and easily controlled in the body are used for stopping the bleeding in fast and effective way when other hemostatic procedures cannot be applied.

What Is Hemostasis?

Hemostasis can be defined as stopping the bleeding after tissue damage, breakage or cut during trauma or surgical procedures, repair of the tissue damage, blood coagulation and diffusing this coagulation.

What Is Coagulation?

Coagulation is fibrine formation mechanisms after the chemical reaction of various proteins or coagulation factors in blood.

Reoxcel Hemostats Impact Mechanism

Reoxcel absorbable hemostats create a brownish-black gelatine-line mass by ensuring coagulation in 3-4 minutes after contacting with blood. This gelatine-like mass on the tissue acts as a physical structure for the blood platelet. Coagulation happens with blood platelet accumulation and platelet-fibrine plaque formation and the bleeding is stopped. Absorbable Rexocel hemostats will be completely absorbed by the body in 7-14 days.

Reoxcel Hemostats Impact Duration

The impact mechanism of the Reoxcel hemostatic agents developed for using in surgical fields where other hemostatic procedures are inapplicable is fast and sterile thanks to oxidized regenerated cellulose (ORC) (polyanhydride glucuronic acid) content. Reoxcel hemostat agents offers coagulation in approximately 3-4 minutes, completely absorbed in 7-14 days and show antibactericidal effect against 40 types of gram- and gram+ microorganisms.