Absorbable Reoxcel hemostats designed for multi-dimensionality, durability and compliance even for the most challenging procedures provide fast hemostasis with its unique ORC fibre technology.

Reoxcel hemostats produced from oxidized regenerated cellulose (ORC) and hemostatic property is designed to offer multi-dimensionality, durability and compatibility even in the most challenging procedures. These hemostats that offer fast hemostasis thanks to ORC-fibre technology are designed for stopping the bleeding in hard-to-reach areas with unique effectiveness, absorbability and bactericidal protection.

Reoxcel absorbable hemostats produced in different types and can be easily applied to all surgical procedures can be cut in different sizes depending on the need, the multi-layered versions can be separated or sutured on the tissue. Reoxcel hemostatic agent with high tissue compatibility, hemostatic capacity and strong bactericidal properties is plant-based. Therefore, it offers minimal tissue reaction and proved effect against wide spectrum gram positive and gram negative microorganisms.


Reoxcel hemostats that can be produced in different types will not stick on surgical devices and hand even in the most sensitive operations and offer ease-of-use. Reoxcel Fibril which is known as the multi-layered hemostat among absorbable hemostats provide multi-dimensionality, adherence and compatibility consists of 7 layers and easily separated thin layers enables visibility of the bleeding region as well as easy and controlled bleeding stopping.

Reoxcel hemostat offers the unique combination of absorbability, hemostatic effectiveness and antibacterial properties.

Tissue Compliance

Reoxcel absorbable hemostat that can comply with all surgical procedures including capillary bleeding, venous and small arterial bleeding offers fully compatible and safe hemostasis in various fields. Plant-based Reoxcel hemostats produced from 100% oxidized regenerated cellulose have high tissue compatibility as well as low pH value (pH 2-3) to offer bactericidal effect against 40 different microorganisms on the bleeding tissue.

The soft and layered materials match with the bleeding tissue, “blend” to the tissue but also can be easily removed.

Reoxcel absorbable hemostats that completely match all tissue surfaces including irregular surfaces can be cut in different sizes. Especially Reoxcel Fibril is 7 layered, transparent and each layer can be separated. With this property, it can easily pass through trocars during endoscopic applications or separated to be applied dry on the bleeding tissue. The single-layered variation with fibril structure is Reoxcel Snow.